IT Disaster Recovery


Disasters are unpredictable, a good plan in place is insurance against this.

The nature and the timing of a disaster can be unpredictable. However there are many things that can be done to prevent as well as be prepared for a disater if it were to occur.

We can help plan for a disaster and put in place processes that will help mitigate the risks.

IT Disaster Recovery Solutions

IT disaster recovery plan

While the effects of a disaster are devastating, having a plan in place incase of this disaster is essential. Putting this plan in place is a process and we can assist with each step off this process.

How can We Assist?

We analyze your current systems for areas where we can prevent issues. We mitigate these issues. We help prepare for the unexpected and put plans in place. When issues do happen we repond and put into effect the plans we have. We then go back to analyze how we could do better.

Disaster Recovery Testing

Having a plan in place is great. The plan should be regularily tested to ensure it works and that nothing is missed.

What are the main steps in Disaster Recovery?

Disaster Recovery plans usually call for a similar IT Infrastructure setup in a different location. This duplicate setup should be regularily tested.

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