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In it's simplest form, the Cloud is a set of resources that are located and accessed over the internet. Resources can include Computer Servers, Networks, Storage etc.

The configuration and setup of these resources is critical to the success of your Cloud deployment. We can assist with helping you understand how the cloud can assist your organization.

IT Cloud Services

What are real life examples of cloud solutions?

Good examples of commonly known cloud solutions are the offerings from Google. Gmail is Email in the cloud. Google Drive is storage of data in the cloud. Other good examples are services like DropBox, Apple Cloud that supports the storage of data and pictures in the cloud.

What is the main purpose of cloud services?

To simplify cloud services are computing resources that are delivered over the internet. Computing resources include computer servers, databases, networks etc. Combined and used the right way these resources can deliver a powerful solution

How do cloud solutions work?

Cloud Solutions deliver services and applications that run and have their data stored remotely across the internet. The applications and services reside on the remote server that is accessed over the internet.

Is Azure a cloud solution?

Azure is a cloud solution provided by Microsoft. It is a platform that offers Servers, Computers, databases and many other services that are all provided remotely across the internet. With the aid of these resources applications and solutions can be built.

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