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A lot of organizations do not realize the importance of the data they have till an unfortunate event causes loss of this data. Loss of data that cannot be recovered can be devastiating to an organization.

We can help mitigate the risk of this loss for your organization.

Backup Services

What types of Backups are there?

There are 3 main types of backups. Incremental backups, Differential Backups and Full Backups. We can help alleviate the confusion between the different types of backups and help get this protection in place for your organization.

Data Backup and Data Recovery?

Data Backups create copies of the data you wish to protect. Data Recovery is the process of getting that data back to you when there is an issue. Recovery will depend on the type of data loss that has occurred. We can assist with Data Backups and Recovery.

What is an example of Data Backup?

A simple example of a Data Backup is copying your data to a USB Flash Drive or a CD\DVD. This may be practical for small simple solutions, it is not practical for organizations that depend on their data. A data backup solution is redundant, data is stored on more than one disk and depending on the solution more than one media.

What is the Importance of Data Backup?

Data is essential to most organizations. Data loss can occur for a variety of reasons. Virus attacks, Ransomware, Disasters, Human Error, Computer Failures, Power outages are just some of the reasons you can lose important data. With data backup in place you can save valuable time and money

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